A Photographer and Creative; originally from the Czech Republic, currently based in Vancouver, Canada. 


I have been fortunate enough to travel part of the World. However, there are still tons of places on my wish list. Being around music is also something that keeps me going. Feel free to hit me up for a collaboration or tunes worth sharing.


My favorite color is definitely snow white, my go-to dish is anything as long as there are views from the top of the mountain. The big blue ocean would be the best champagne I ever tasted.


I have collaborated with Sofar SoundsFuture ShortsJourney To Himalayas, Open Society Fund PragueLuxury Villas on Crete, Designeros, Full Moon zine, NedoriIReport, Kikafe, Hovawart Klub, Printomat, Syn V Pohybu, Virgla, Las Adelitas.










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